Mission Zero

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    As a company that serves primarily the Federal Market and haveour roots in Veteran/Military contracting, our mission is the successful delivery or management of our projects and contracts.Mission Zero is a set of absolutes that Warfeather strives to achieve on every project regardless of size, scope, or complexity. The Mission Zero outline is to be used as a template for the execution of our projects and the governing principles in how we interact with ourselves, our customers/clients, and our subcontractors/suppliers. Mission Zero was chosen as a complimentaryprogram to our tagline “Still Serving the Mission”. We will continue to build upon the principles and the policies thatmake up the outline of “Mission Zero”.

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    A. Zero LTA, Illness, or Injuries

    Safety is a condition of employment. Period. The safety of our team, our clients, and the individuals who are working on a job site is not something that Warfeather takes lightly, and our company's safety policy goes above and beyond OSHA requirements.

    1. We strive for a ZERO Accidents work site and require weekly safety meetings in addition to mandatory safety training of each individual who steps foot on one of our job sites. Our focus on safety results in a quality building that is a positive experience for both clients and workers.
    2. An added benefit of our constant focus on safety is that without accidents we able to control costs due to incidents, saving time and money.


    B. Zero Deficiencies or Rework

    1. Warfeather aims for zero deficiencies and zero defects in all aspects of our work, from beginning to end.
    2. Our company Quality Management Control Program aligns with the USACE CQC program. Each project has a site/project specific Quality Management plan which emphasize the three phases of control.
      1. The preparatory Phase:
        1. Review all Requirements for the task,
        2. Access the current situation
        3. Inspect the job site, Review the findings with staff, subcontractors, and the client.
      2. The Initial Phase:
        1. Check that all requirements for personnel, materials and equipment are in place
        2. Verify the site has passed its job-ready inspection
        3. Inspect the first article to make sure it is appropriate to continue work.
      3. The Follow Up Phase
        1. Monitor work on a daily basis to assure that all job requirements are being met in a timely manner
        2. Verify that the tasks of DFOW are being performed correctly up until their completion
    3. Warfeather quality means the job gets done right, and our attention to detail is implemented at every level. Warfeather is committed to building superior quality projects that align with customer needs while reaching above and beyond customer expectations.
      The Warfeather project close out system works closely with the owner and stakeholders to ensure a complete and satisfactory turnover from construction to operations.


    C. Zero Delays

    1. Warfeather employs accomplished professionals that are experienced in all aspects of a building remodel and construction. Our employees are adept at anticipating project timelines and potential delays through careful monitoring and management of:
      1. All Preconstruction Submittals/Material Approvals
      2. Lead times for critical project components
      3. Permitting and approvals for Base Specific inspections, notifications, shutdowns, and outages.